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Last played: 3/3/2013 5:27:24 PM
Points: 180 of 1050 (17.143%)
Trophies: 12 of 51 (23.529%)
12 / 0 / 0 / 0

Earned Trophies

  • Triple 7s! (BRONZE)
    Collected 777G. Earned 3/3/2013 5:14:14 PM
  • Bested Queen Bee! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Queen Bee without taking damage. Earned 3/3/2013 4:57:36 PM
  • Demolitionist! (BRONZE)
    Defeated a foe with a bomb. Earned 3/3/2013 4:42:09 PM
  • It's Magic! (BRONZE)
    Used a Shader Magic. Earned 1/21/2013 12:52:38 PM
  • Bullseye! (BRONZE)
    Defeated a foe with a bow. Earned 1/21/2013 12:37:56 PM
  • Forged a Sword! (BRONZE)
    Made your sword stronger at the blacksmith. Earned 1/21/2013 11:38:27 AM
  • Obtained the Ancient Sword! (BRONZE)
    Acquired the Ancient Sword. Earned 1/21/2013 11:32:28 AM
  • A Formidable Foe Has Fallen! (BRONZE)
    Defeated a Guardian. Earned 1/21/2013 11:31:29 AM
  • Souvenir Photoshoot! (BRONZE)
    Took a snapshot. Earned 1/21/2013 11:30:23 AM
  • Defender! (BRONZE)
    Guarded an attack. Earned 1/21/2013 11:28:18 AM
  • Slice and Diced! (BRONZE)
    Defeated a foe with a sword. Earned 1/21/2013 11:28:11 AM
  • You Made a Friend! (BRONZE)
    Made a character model. Earned 1/21/2013 11:22:17 AM

Unearned Trophies

  • Congratulations! (PLATINUM)
    Congratulations! Thank you for playing this far!
  • Getting the Hang of It? (BRONZE)
    Played the game for five hours.
  • Bested Eelagon! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Eelagon without taking damage.
  • Bested Giga Golem! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Giga Golem without taking damage.
  • Bested Kraken! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Kraken without taking damage.
  • Bested Dragon! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Dragon without taking damage.
  • Bested Dark Knight! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Dark Knight without taking damage.
  • Bested Fuelle! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Fuelle without taking damage.
  • Bested Onyx! (BRONZE)
    Defeated Onyx without taking damage.
  • Found Sue! (BRONZE)
    You found Sue.
  • Found Ai! (BRONZE)
    You found Ai.
  • Life is Precious! (BRONZE)
    Maxed out the LIFE bar.
  • Master Magician! (BRONZE)
    Maxed out the MAGIC bar.
  • Rescued the Princess! (BRONZE)
    The princess was restored to her true form.
  • Have a Nice Night? (BRONZE)
    Spent the night in Raejack with the princess.
  • The Adventure Continues... (BRONZE)
    Cleared the game without restoring the princess.
  • And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After! (BRONZE)
    Cleared the game with the princess restored.
  • Booked a Monster! (BRONZE)
    Booked a monster in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Eelagon! (BRONZE)
    Booked Eelagon in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Queen Bee! (BRONZE)
    Booked Queen Bee in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Giga Golem! (BRONZE)
    Booked Giga Golem in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Kraken! (BRONZE)
    Booked Kraken in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Dragon! (BRONZE)
    Booked Dragon in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Dark Knight! (BRONZE)
    Booked Dark Knight in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Fuelle! (BRONZE)
    Booked Fuelle in the Bestiary.
  • Booked Onyx! (SILVER)
    Booked Onyx in the Bestiary.
  • Bestiary Complete! (GOLD)
    Booked all monsters in the Bestiary.
  • Obtained the Holy Sword! (BRONZE)
    Acquired the Holy Sword.
  • Wow! You obtained the Hero Sword! (SILVER)
    Acquired the Hero Sword.
  • King Block's Seal of Approval! (BRONZE)
    Acquired a sword from King Block.
  • All Swords Obtained! (GOLD)
    Acquired all the swords.
  • That's a Big Fat Sword! (BRONZE)
    Maxed out the Giga Sword.
  • You're a Survivor! (BRONZE)
    Survived Spelunker mode for 10 hours.
  • Around the World! (SILVER)
    Visited all maps.
  • Flawless Hero! (SILVER)
    Cleared the game without dying.
  • And the World was Saved! (SILVER)
    Cleared the game in FROM mode.
  • Spelunker Extraordinaire! (GOLD)
    Cleared Spelunker mode.
  • Obtained the Hero Shield! (BRONZE)
    Acquired the Hero Shield.
  • Spelunker's Savior! (BRONZE)
    Cleared the Spelunker event.

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